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Reggae Lover Podcast

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Quality talk for Reggae Lovers – Hosted by Kahlil Wonda and AGARD of Highlanda Sound, Reggae Lover pulls back the curtain on the issues, back stories, and adventures of the global reggae music phenomena.

Reggae Lover Podcast review
Favorite music podcast of all time

It’s hard to find a podcast right in your niche. Especially one with such amazing hosts and unique looks into reggae/dancehall. If you like Reggae don’t overlook this gem 💎

by GriffyDee via Apple Podcasts
Podcast review, Reggae Lover by Highlanda Sound
Reggae Lover Podcast is awesome!

Really love this podcast! Great interviews and knowledgeable content around reggae music and Caribbean DJ culture. Big up Kahlil Wonda and Āgard for their awesome work, keep doing it for the culture.

by MikelahMango via Apple Podcasts


Highlanda Sound is an award-winning Jamaican sound system and media company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1999 they have performed and hosted events all over the USA, the Caribbean, and Japan.

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