Empire ISIS’ break out album “Brand New Style”

Dubbed one of Canada‘s Break Out Artists of 2009 and having 11 Award Nominations for her debut LP “Sound The Trumpets”. Empire ISIS returns to begin 2009 with her Sophomore Album “Brand New Style” .

Empire ISIS – Music Video – Won’t Surrender

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CTV Montreal Interview – Jan 17, 2009

“Brand New Style” is Empire ISIS’ break out album that reflects the life and places Empire ISIS has been as well as the cultures that have inspired her. From Jamaica to Latin America, Casablanca to New York City, if you listen closely you will hear the Dancehall influence and Reggae vibes, the pounding New York style bass lines and Empire ISIS brand of World Pop. This Boss Lady attitude coursing through her veins connected to you through these stories, digested from her time running the streets from Buenos Aires to Bogota, Kingston to London. Some may find it strange or hard to understand, but for Empire ISIS “Brand New Style” is the code she lives by. Vision, Power and Dedication are the tools and foundation that charge her engine. Empire ISIS has grown to a Four Star General of International Gangstress music. Meaning that any barrier, wall or obstacle you encounter is welcomed as a chance to prove you are a warrior ready to defend your program.

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Facebook Group – Empire ISIS

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