Drake Shows NYC Love

Preparing for the Album Release at Alife

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you should know that there is a new star on the rise.  That star is Drake.  Regardless of how you feel about his rhymes, flow, singing or appearance, you have to admit that he’s at the top right now.  There is no doubt that Drake can pack an arena, but on Monday evening a select few, 200 hundred people, were chosen to have an audience with Drake at Alife in lower Manhattan.  For Drake it was nostalgic to go back to the store where he use to hang and drink when he was trying to come up.  I have to say, for a Monday night, the event was a great way to kick off the week.  Those in attendance were able to be up close and personal with the Canadian star.  They were treated to audio from his new album “Thank Me Later” and an impromptu performance.  The names of those in attendance are too many to count, but there was definitely an electricity moving through the crowd.

I know that when it was time for Jay White, Brad Digital, and myself to leave for business, it was a reluctant move.  However, I was appreciative of the opportunity to usher in Drake’s album with him and a select few others.  Good luck Drake.

– Your Man on the Street

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