This Generation’s Garnett Silk?

Many may remember Garnett Silk’s smooth voice and powerful lyrical content that captivated us in the early nineties and left us wanting more. His untimely death left a gap in the industry that no other artist has been able to fill, until now. Meet Humanuwah.

Born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith, producer, singer and songwriter “Humanuwah”, found his place in the field of music through the journey to realize the true self (the spiritual self). Having a very strong desire to promote the message in his music and not himself, he has managed to shy away from the public for years.

He defines his music as a reflection of the soul’s journey to the inner higher states of consciousness, and says his purpose and aim musically is to be a channel of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and inspiration to the world.

There is not much to say about Humanuwah, his music speaks for him. Take a listen:

Download Humanuwah’s singles here:


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