New Year’s Eve w/ Sanchez, Singing Melody, Gramps Morgan, & Skyjuice at Amazura


Sanchez and Friends New Years Eve poster

8 comments on “New Year’s Eve w/ Sanchez, Singing Melody, Gramps Morgan, & Skyjuice at Amazura

  1. kahlil wonda says:

    Sad state of affairs… Well you won’t have to worry about seeing ads from those promoters on this site in the future as we strive to only post quality content here on


  2. Trini says:

    nothing was offered to the patrons Promoter was nowhere to be found they never even said Sanchez is here but will not be performing the rumor was Sanchez did not get paid only today over the radio 100.7 the Promoter finally humbled herself and APOLOGIZED then half heartedly said she will be having something in the summer and we should hold on to our tickets she did not give a concrete date, or say if we would get comp. admittance or anything. For all i know she could be giving out Happy Meals or beef patties at Roy Wilkins Park. LOL She is a joke and talk nuttn but some big chat she left me a nasty voicemail message after I adressed her failure to provide my reimbursement she even started to curse me on the phone so I had to conclude the call. If anyone thinks this Promoter will honor these tickets they are nuts.


  3. kahlil wonda says:

    I’m always saddened to see this kind of thing, and hope that you still get your money back somehow. Thank you for your comments Trini!


  4. Trini says:

    what a rip off $200 we paid for tickets. no Then to ad insult to injury there was no VIP bar. We had to leave VIP and walk across to a packed bar to get drinks. There werwe champagne glasses on the table but no champagne! and the bartenders had the audacity to try to charge VIP for drinks when drinks are included in the tickets. I want half of my money back since the main act which most of the people came to see did not perform. I spoke with Promoter Suzanne and was promised by Suzanne she would give me back half of my money. She agreed to meet me 3x to return half of my money but she never showed and never called. This Promoter is a rude, nasty unprofessional fool full of excuses. I encourage everyone who was there and was just as disappointed as I was to never support this Promoter her events or her business. Be a woman and accept responsibility.First time I heard an apology was on the radio this evening.


  5. kahlil wonda says:

    Anything offered patrons to compensate for this?


  6. Trini says:

    yes i was at the show with my mom we purchased 2 VIP tickets sat there fofr hours no sanchez and no mention why he did not perform !!!
    it was not until i called Suzanne from House Suedajoy promotions i was informed what happened i received a bunch of excuses


  7. kahlil wonda says:

    Wow! Thanks for the comment Max. I was not aware of that.


  8. Max says:



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