Dreggae and Shane Talon Take Over #ROCKSTEADYATL This Friday March 4th


Friday, March 4th, Highlanda.net and The Honorary Citizen will be hosting another installment of RocksteadyATL at Studio No. 7, an award-winning art gallery, craft bar, eatery, and lounge in downtown Atlanta.

Roots. Rock. Dreggae. plus DJ •SOUND ENGINEER •MUSIC PRODUCER Shane Talon

Dreggae is excited about the global reggae phenomena taking hold in his city.


Descendant of the great King Tubby, dubbed as The New School Ruler of Cool, #Dreggae will be making a special live appearance.  Musical selections will be presented all night by Highlanda Sound alongside selector Shane Talon and DJ Passport.

Located at 393 Marietta Street near to The World of Coca-Cola and Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, the venue Studio No. 7 is billed as a space for creatives and will offer a blend of art, cuisine, cocktails and music for this event.  The event will be held from 9pm until late with $5 tickets available at the door.

About Highlanda Sound

Highlanda Sound was started with a vision of creating entertaining experiences and promoting reggae music world wide. Highlanda Sound launched in the spring of 1999. To learn more, visit Highlanda.net or call Kahlil Wonda at (404) 552-0492.

About The Honorary Citizen

The Honorary Citizen is a High-Concept, Luxury Lifestyle Brand that creates high quality menswear and women’s clothing in small batches right out of Atlanta, Georgia. The clothing line includes Pima Cotton Tees, French Terry Hoodies, Wax Print Shorts, Dress Shirts, Skirts and More. To learn more, visit The Honorary Citizen or call Tarik Harris at (678) 362-7032.

About Studio No. 7

Located between West Midtown and downtown Atlanta houses an art gallery, test kitchen, and lounge. The space is reminiscent of a New York City loft with its exposed brick and high ceilings, and is the perfect place for drinks, great food and late night events.  To learn more, visit StudioNo7.com or call Earl Adams at (404) 549-9839.


View the event’s Facebook page here.


Musical Matinee featuring BRAP Band and ROOTS A FIRE [live reggae February 21]

I look forward to juggling a mix of reggae selections this Sunday at “Musical Matinee” featuring live reggae with the BRAP Band.

The Haven, a suave, intimate setting in Buckhead is located at 45 Bennett Street, Atlanta, GA.

There will be a guest appearance by Roots A Fire band, and other enriching experiences throughout the evening.
Come out for amazing entertainment, food (vegetarian/vegan available) and drinks.

LIVE REGGAE in BUCKHEAD at THE HAVEN on 02/21/2016 with BRAP Band with special guest ROOTS A FIRE + ConsciousZone with AHZJAH. Music by HIGHLANDA SOUND.

Doors open at 6pm, showtime’s at 7pm, and for more information contact BRAPBand@gmail.com.

Download or Stream #Audio: Bob Marley 71st Birthday Bash [2.5.2016]


Audio features DJ Passport, ĀGARD, Jah Prince plus a live performance by Ken Serious and Highlanda Sound!!

Ken Serious #RocksteadyATL

Click the picture to DOWNLOAD or STREAM Audio

A special #RocksteadyATL commemorative tribute to Bob Marley, this 2nd annual event had many memorable moments.  Join this session every First Friday in Atlanta.

Kahlil Wonda Highlanda Sound #RocksteadyATL

Click picture for the download link.

7 Things You’ve Missed If You Haven’t Been To #RocksteadyATL

Many people are calling Highlanda.net and The Honorary Citizen’s monthly roots reggae event, Rocksteady ATL, the most anticipated monthly underground music nightlife option.  This dance party takes place on first Friday of each month and has been running consistently for over 1 year.

The current location is Studio No. 7, a beautiful lounge/gallery nestled into the heart of downtown Atlanta at 393 Marietta Street.  Each month, DJ Passport and Highlanda Sound are bolstered by different guest DJs, artists, hosts, and live musicians to take part in a retro reggae celebration that aims to keep roots and culture music in the dancehall.

If you have not ventured downtown on a 1st Friday for Rocksteady ATL, here is merely a short-list of what you have missed.

Roots. Rock. Dreggae. plus DJ •SOUND ENGINEER •MUSIC PRODUCER Shane Talon

Dreggae is very excited about the global reggae phenomena taking hold in his city [#RocksteadyATL]. Catch him live on the First Friday in March at Studio No. 7.

 1. You missed Dreggae’s up close and personal show.

Dreggae in on stage at #RocksteadyATL, August 2015

Dreggae in on stage at #RocksteadyATL, 2015

Dreggae has blessed Rocksteady ATL with intimate performances inna Rub-a-Dub style.  He highlighted his more traditional reggae, dub and lovers rock catalog to the delight of his fans and rode some of dancehall’s iconic riddims skillfully.  Don’t miss your next chance to see Dreggae live at Rocksteady ATL with his DJ, Shane Talon on Friday, March 4th, 2016.

2. Your Love Affair with 1990’s Reggae.

Reggae Gold 1996 cover art

VP Records Reggae Gold 1996 cover art

You're in love with 1990s reggae - admit it!  You have fond memories of being at parties and hearing Buju, Shabba, Supercat, and Beres played out at length which necessitated a proper slow wine segment, dance partner or not.  The soundtrack of the night at Rocksteady ATL typically includes 1990's Reggae Music, Top Songs and Riddims from the Dancehall, especially the one drop anthems.

3. Truths and rights from the dancehall veteran, Ken Serious!

ken serious live

Ken Serious chanting conscious lyrics at #RocksteadyATL

Based in Atlanta, there is an original dancehall DJ along the lines of Supercat, Josey Wales, Nicodemus, and Charlie Chaplin that first recorded during the 1980’s dancehall golden era and performed on one of the most technologically advanced and star studded sound systems of the day in Kingston, the mighty Stur Mars.  In addition to a powerful showing in November 2015 at Glory Inna Rub-a-Dub Style with King Stur Gav in Decatur, GA., Ken Serious has endorsed #RocksteadyATL and has there performed on Highlanda Sound.

4. DJ’s using real turntables and spinning real vinyl.


aba shaka vinyl

World-class roots master Aba Shaka

This is  a real classic event so it would only be fitting to employ a pair of the classic Technics 1200 turntables that were the DJ industry standard for 50 years.  If you missed the crucial selection of international vinyl roots master selector Aba Shaka (Cosmic Love Beat) when he passed through the area, definitely make sure to catch him live in effect again on Friday, April 1, 2016 spinning all vinyl 45’s, dubplates and LP’s alongside former Metro Media star selector Webba!

5. The Bob Marley Tribute and Aquarius Birthday Bash

A BOB MARLEY TRIBUTE and birthday celebration for Mr & Mrs Kahlil Wonda and ĀGARD DJs: Highlanda Sound, DJ Passport, ĀGARD, and Jah Prince Live Reggae: BRAP Band Performance by Ken Serious February 5th 2016 Studio No. 7 393 Marietta St. Atlanta 30313

2016 BOB MARLEY TRIBUTE and birthday celebration for Mr & Mrs Kahlil Wonda and ĀGARD

Celebrating reggae culture and the positive messages that it spreads are at the heart of #RocksteadyATL and their annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash presents a culmination of elements to stimulate the senses.  From the top notch DJ lineup to the live reggae musicians and performers, patrons are treated to a hand-picked assortment of sights, sounds, and flavors that make it a memorable and authentic experience.

6. Isis Swaby, daughter of Horace “AUGUSTUS PABLO” Swaby.



Isis Swaby being interviewed in ATL by Morets TV

Also featured at #RocksteadyATL, our special guest DJ, Rockers International and Radio Kangol representative out of NYC, Isis Swaby, visual artist, DJ/producer and daughter of famed reggae icon Horace “Augustus Pablo” Swaby.

7. Selections from Studio One, King Jammys, Volcano, Treasure Isle…


Tribute to Studio One: Reggae Vault Classics

Pictured: Coxsone Dodd, founder and producer at Studio One

#RocksteadyATL promotes styles of music once played at Skateland, Rae Town, and The Biltmore Ballroom.  This is the nightlife option for supporters of events such as Dubwise Jamaica,  Rebel Salute, Downtown Top Ranking, Reggae Retro, 1996, and Sattama Reggae Sundays.  Looking for happenings where hits from foundation labels like Studio One, Techniques, Tuff Gong, Penthouse, Witty’s, or Wackies can be heard?  How about some of Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage or Sister Nancy’s music?  Well this is your event and you’ve been missing out.


Bob Marley Birthday Bash and Aquarius Celebration [picture gallery] – 2.5.16

A special #RocksteadyATL commemorative tribute to Bob Marley, this 2nd annual event had many memorable moments. Big ups to all the patrons and participants!

Special thanks to Anne Hugus Photography out of NYC.

More photos..

Rub-A-Dub Valentines Night Lovers Rock Edition with DJ Redds of Spectrum Disco

Highlanda.net and The Honorary Citizen present a Rub-A-Dub Valentines Night Affair

Highlanda.net and The Honorary Citizen present a Rub-A-Dub Valentines Night Affair

For the perfect date night in the city, Sunday February 14, 2016, Highlanda.net and The Honorary Citizen present a #RubADubATL Valentines Night Lovers Rock affair starring DJ Redds from Spectrum Disco alongside Highlanda Sound and DJ Passport at The Sound Table (483 Edgewood Ave. Atlanta.)  The vibes kick off at 8pm and there is no cover charge all night.