Cover Art Image of 59 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Give Thanks

59 – Reggae Lover Podcast – Give Thanks

With many people around the facing crisis situations, I was inspired to scrap the mix that was lined up for release this week and instead build an episode that could refresh, uplift, and inspire positivity for those who face the hardest of times. Let this be your soundtrack as you work or study and repeat as necessary for positive energy, healing, inspiration, and success.

The first song in this mix sets the tone and captures the overall theme of Reggae Lover Podcast episode 59 quite well. On this initial track which was produced by Tony English and Daddy Earl, singer Anthony Malvo shows his diversity. To follow, other songs simply reminding us to give thanks and to praise God are showcased from artists like Junior Reid, Chronixx, Assassin, Gappy Ranks, Sizzla, Gramps Morgan, and Bushman.

Sanchez sings “Amazing Grace” and tells us not to disrespect the Man with the handle, Tenor Saw asks who is gonna help him praise Jehova and Tony Curtis exclaims that his God is real. Garnet Silk sings a few prayers as soulfully as only he can, while Beres Hammond poses the questions “Do you pray for the homeless in the street, and for the innocent’s blood to stop running?” Anthony B cries that you should remember to put God above your car and your bling, and the Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Emmanuel Brown asks God to bless our souls.

To counteract the effects of overwhelming guilty, fearful, and angry emotions that stem from today’s mainstream media and entertainment outlets with their shocking sensationalism, hyper-sexualization, and promotion of negativity, Reggae Lover Podcast 59 offers God bless reggae music and a reminder that we have the power to tap into higher levels of consciousness. Let’s give thanks!

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