artwork: Top Reality Songs in 1990s Reggae Dancehall Music (podcast)

MORE FIRE! Top Reality Songs in 1990s Reggae Dancehall Music | Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 60

It was a time when Bounty Killer was given the title “Poor People Governor” and had a streak of hit songs banned from radio airplay in Jamaica because he spoke out against corruption and divisiveness in political policies and sang about ineptitude and abuse by local law enforcement. There was a resurgence of lyrical protest songs uniting and re-energizing the dancehall followers in the streets of Jamaica with positive messages earning the biggest crowd responses. Buju Banton, who emerged as the “Voice of Jamaica” delivered words of wisdom and warning to his fan base and his lyrical ideals deepened right along with his Rastafarian faith.

The same went for Capleton who was dominant and was dubbed “The Fire Man.” Capleton burned the hottest fire with a string of releases that dissected and illustrated all the faults he found with “Babylon system” and during his live stage performances, massive eruptions of energy occurred. Artists like Sizzla, Luciano, and Anthony B were also extremely influential within this conscious movement of the 1990s.

The up-tempo (dancehall) riddims being produced in this era of Jamaican music offered very diverse story lines so there were songs about the latest dance moves, gunman tunes, girls anthems, and ganja dedications surrounded by songs about spirituality, African liberation, “burning out” current corrupt government officials and taboo trends, or the struggles of the poor in the ghetto.

This mix focuses on the danceable selections of that period that kept it real. Reality tunes, similar in content to the roots reggae standards of reggae’s foundation era, but aligned with the most popular riddims that dominated the dancehall. This was the music that could be heard at the climax of sound system sessions primarily from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Please press play and take a brief trip back to “fire time.” More Fire!


Sweet C – Natty Dread
Spragga Benz – Moving Up The Line
Beenie Man – Music A Di Beat
Louie Culture – Ganga Lee
Beenie Man – Blessed
Bushman ft. I Lue – Send Them Come
Zebra – Selassie Warning
Capleton – No Carbon Copy
Bounty Killer – Babylon System A Go Down
Capleton – Good So
Buju Banton – Deportees (Tings Change)
Beenie Man – Foundation
Capleton – Stay Far From Trouble
Terry Ganzie – Ragga Ragga
Sizzla – Dem A Gaze
Capleton – Bad Mind
Bounty Killer – Fed Up
Spragga Benz – Peace
Louie Culture – Don’t Get Weary
Capleton – Almshouse
Little Hero, Merciless & Action Fire – God Alone
Capleton ft. Jah Thunder – Fire
Capleton – Badness
Sizzla – Karate
Buju Banton – Rampage
Capleton – Cuyah Cuyah Cuyah
Capleton – Things Are Happening
Capleton – More Prophet
Bounty Killer – Anytime
Beenie Man – Gospel Time



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