About Us

Highlanda Sound continues on a stated mission to entertain and promote high-quality reggae music worldwide.

Kahlil Wonda Highlanda Sound

Since 1999 Highlanda Sound has played reggae music selections and hosted events at venues all over the USA, the Caribbean, and Japan.

This popularity has stemmed from consistently leaving a rapidly growing fan base satisfied and entertained with a versatile musical selection, technical sound skills, and an interactive presentation style.

Highlanda Sound founder and selector “Kahlil Wonda,” a veteran radio, nightclub, and mobile DJ, currently hosts and produces the Reggae Lover Podcast.

“Excellent selection of music & great mixes with informative interviews and commentary. Hear songs you’ve never heard and classics that bring you back to happier days. We don’t intend to deprive anyone of this art form.” – Kahlil Wonda



2 comments on “About Us

  1. After reading your page you are serious about culture.I would like to know the lnik to submit tracks tp you.Give thanks.
    Reuben Eyes.


  2. Debz Fyah says:

    Always a pleasure to see real men doing what they do best and striving for nothing but success. Keep up the good work. Jah Bless!


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