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Our special guest was Shawn from the Reggae Talk podcast and ReggaeMusicForever blog.

Reggae Music Forever / Reggae Talk / Reggae Lover Podcast

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We discussed the state of dancehall/reggae culture including topics:
  • Dancehall supporters versus die-hard fans of roots reggae.
  • The overlooked conscious dancehall movement.
  • The American reggae scene.
  • Comparing white and black Americans taste in reggae.
  • Reggae Talk Podcast 1-year Anniversary event.
  • Other passions outside of reggae.
  • Is reggae music on life-support?
  • Predictions for the future.

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The Best Reggae One Hit Wonders

We had fun reminiscing and discussing some of the best reggae one-hit wonders. There are so many! This includes pop crossover songs and dancehall anthems.

Cover Image: Reggae Lover Podcast episode 143 - One Hit Wonders

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