Make Money in Teaching Cello

Teaching can be intimidating. Especially when you’re teaching one of the most intricate instruments to learn – cello.

You need to have the skills, experience, and expertise to be able to relate and connect with your aspiring students. However, there are ways that you may practice to make money as an efficient cello instructor.

Warm Teaching Space
There are various locations you can choose from in teaching cello – music classroom, a student’s home or room, or your preferred place. Whichever location you choose, it’s important that you keep the place quiet, tidy and well-lit so that the student can focus on the lessons to be provided.

It should also inspire and create a sense of perseverance among your students through posting music-related materials such as but not limited to other instruments, music player devices, and pictures.

Lesson Payments
Pricing your service as an instructor can be quite difficult. If you don’t have prior experience in teaching cellos, you can reduce the regular payment of a professional cello teacher by 20% – 40%. However, it’s best to do your research – don’t overprice or underprice the service you are to offer to your students.

Agreement between the Teacher and Student
It’s vital to establish a common ground between you and your students. Agreements may include lessons to be provided, monitoring if the goals and or expectations from both parties are met, number of teaching hours to be provided in a day, and other relevant matters.

You may put this into writing or not, but as this is a form of business, it’s ideal that agreement between you and the students is put into writing.

Monitoring of Lessons and Progress
An outline or module helps you to customize lessons that vary on the level of skill of your student. Without it, you won’t be able to accurately track if the student was able to reach the level of mastery that is expected.

It’s best to create short-term and long-term goals for your students to see how far they’ve gone from the very time you’ve taught them. Lesson plans can also aide in identifying the appropriate teaching method (e.g. reading books, video materials) that best help a student to learn a lesson effectively.

You may seek advice from other teachers who are teaching the same instrument so you can obtain tips and techniques to keep your students engaged and motivated with the lessons you are to provide.

Be Your Own Teacher
Of course, you should practice what you are about to teach as this shows mastery of the lesson and creates a credible reputation towards the student. It can also help you to address future difficulties that a student may face upon learning a specific lesson.

Do not stop learning even if you’re the one extending a knowledge to another person. It molds you to become better both in teaching and playing the instrument if you’re always hungry for growth and development.

As one would say, patience is a virtue. All lesson plans and techniques would not be beneficial if you don’t have the patience towards your students – may it be a fast learner or not. You should always bear in mind that you are once a student who had a hard time learning how to become a cellist.

Making a fortune as a cello teacher takes a lot of preparation and effort. Thus, putting thorough planning in teaching can bring rewards and success unto this career path you’ve chosen.

King Addies Music: King Pin and Killa Boo on Reggae Lover

An exclusive in-depth interview with selectors Killa Boo and King Pin of King Addies. King Addies is an International Sound System created in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York City. They remain a force to reckon with in the sound clash arena and a top choice for juggling.


Among Topics Discussed in this Episode:
2:15 – The History of King Addies.
5:51 – How Killa Boo became an Addies selector.
9:40 – How King Pin joined the King sound.
13:16 – Earning the trust of Addies fanatical supporters.
18:10 – The dubplate creation process.
19:25 – King Addies Promotions: Welcome to New Lots party & World Fight Club soundclash league.
22:53 – Who is next on Addies kill list.
24:00 – Why the soundclash business is not the same today.
26:35 – Why “big sounds” are afraid to take the battlefield nowadays.
30:53 – Addies radio movements: World Power Hour & Sunday’s w/ Addies HiFi (Selector ObRas)
34:01 – King Addies Fall Europe Tour 2019
36:30 – King Addies productions: True Dreams Riddim 2019
38:25 – The state of reggae/dancehall music right now



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Style and Vibes

Mikelah Rose, creator of the “Style & Vibes” Caribbean-American lifestyle blog and podcast is the guest on this episode of Reggae Lover.

Click Image for Reggae Lover podcast

Click Image for Reggae Lover podcast

Topics Discussed in this Episode.
  • Covering music, fashion, beauty and culture from a Caribbean perspective.
  • The importance of documenting Caribbean global influence and trends.
  • Getting guests to open up and give fantastic interviews on the Style and Vibes podcast.
  • Mikelah Rose’s reggae lover journey and early album picks.
  • Top reggae/dancehall artists representing the culture right now.
  • Favorite songs or artists for different moods and occasions.

Summer 2019 Report | Reggae Lover # 155

On Reggae Lover podcast episode 155 we discuss the state of the culture and news from the dancehall.

Click image to access Reggae Lover 155.



  • Our reactions to Reggae Sumfestin Jamaica and Reggae Summerjam in Germany.
  • Responses to our earlier shows from this season.
  • Revisited last week’s topic about looking back at the decade of 2009 to 2019.
  • Checked in on our “songs of the Summer” predictions.
  • An updated report on our women in Reggae leaders of the new school.
  • An updated report on Buju Banton.