Will Bounty Killer Do Sting? Kiprich Wants To Clash Tommy Lee

Joe Bogdanivich of Downsound Records steps in to try solve the current situation between Bounty Killer and promoter Isiah Laing in relation to this year’s Sting concert in Jamaica on boxing day.

Alliance Next Generation (ANG) “Gone Yah Now” (Official Music Video)

Bounty Killer‘s new group Alliance Next Generation (ANG) members Iyara, Marlon Binns, Nymron and Patexxx doing the ANG anthem ‘Gone Yah Now’……

Alliance Next Generation (ANG) “Gone Yah Now” (Official Music Video)

Mavado So Special Video debuts on BET’s 106 and Park


The long awaited music video for Mavado’s hit ‘So Special debuted on BET’s 106 and Park on Monday of this week.  The director of the video was going for a fun atmosphere versus, hence the club scenery, that would appeal to young people.  Everybody loves the song  and is happy that a video is finally here, but the feedback I have heard so far on the music video from hardcore dancehall heads is that gully god has gone commercial.  Many fans wanted the video to have been filmed in Jamaica.  The video features cameos from alliance members Bling Dawg a.k.a Ricky Rudie and Bounty Killer.

Click on the link for a high quality view of the So Special video and comment with your feedback.


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Dancehall Now Episode 14 – The My President is Black Edition