Benefits to Catchin a "Wine" in the Dancehall

Top 5 Health Benefits of Catchin’ a “Wine” in the Dancehall

As far as researchers understand, dance has been a way for potential mates to be noticed. That especially rings true for the animal kingdom. From birds of paradise to spiders and insects, dance can separate the suitors from the spectators.

The reason for the development of dance among humans, however, is not as well comprehended. Evolutionists certainly attach to the theory that, just like our animal neighbors, dance has been a way to sift out the best mate for family rearing. Apart from the potentially long-term benefits of having your genes passed on to another generation, dancing has more short term health benefits as well, especially when referencing partner dancing.

The history of partner dancing in the Caribbean is colorful and varied but, arguably, the most popular of such is wining. This is where two individuals, usually a male and female who are attracted to one another, dance in rhythm while in constant contact with the hip area of each other’s bodies. Because of the very unique and seductive style of this type of dance, research has been able to shine some light on the effects this type of dance has on the human body.


Consider these physiological responses your body has to wining.

  1. Raises the Beat: This type of dance will increase your heart rate and allowing your heart to pump faster in short periods will promote better heart health and more efficient blood circulation.
  2. Gets you High, Naturally: Dopamine is the chemical that mediates pleasure in the brain. It is released during pleasurable situations and stimulates one to seek out the pleasurable activity or occupation.
  3. Gives you a Chill Pill: The initial anticipation of a nice wine from an attractive person can be stressful, and in response, our bodies release a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol stimulates gluconeogenesis (the formation of glucose) and activates anti-stress and anti-inflammatory pathways. (..allowing the ride to be smooth consuming..)
  4. Your senses get a Front Row Seat: Being that close during a wine allows your subconscious to get a better “view” at a potential love interest. Pheromone levels peaks, pupils may constrict or widen (depending on the level of attraction), supplemental touching may or may not ensue, breathing may become erratic, and other indicators our subconscious calculates in order to determine if that person will be worth an investment beyond the wine. (..harder to do when preeing from across a dark dancehall..)
  5. A Boost of Manly: For men (and women, minimally) , the hormone testosterone can peak up to 13 percent! This is the hormone that may help you woo a woman, improves cognitive ability, increases libido and improves erections (For men. But you knew that), strengthens bones, increases muscle mass, and decreases body fat.

So as you can see, there can be much to gain from giving a wine or two with that bloke or bird that you already had an eye on. (Research suggests that the same benefits detailed above cannot be had by dancing with partners of the same sex of where there is no physical attraction.)

Rub-A-Dub with Highlanda Sound and DJ Passport this Sunday

Rub A Dub is this Sunday at The Sound Table once again.

This unique event has had a great run every second Sunday over the past 10 months and I have had a lot of fun showcasing some of the best of classic roots rock reggae records live for you.  You can listen to some of the show recordings here.

Rub A Dub August Main

#RocksteadyATL, #rubadubatl

When: Aug. 14, 2016 and Every month on the second Sunday of the month 8 p.m.

Where: the Sound Table 483 Edgewood Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312 – OLD FOURTH WARD – SOUTH FULTON COUNTY – 404-835-2534

A style of Jamaican Reggae emerging in the 70’s and 80’s, the term “Rub-a-Dub” comes from a dance style where the man and woman rub up very close together. This takes place every Sunday at The Sound Table located at 483 Edgewood Avenue with music by DJ Passport and also Highlanda Sound.

Intimate Review – “Everybody Was Dancing…!”

Intimate @ The Bentley's is going down evey Friday night...

Intimate @ The Bentley's is going down evey Friday night...

The crowd was there early as expected for Intimate last Friday night and they stayed late.  I’d say things shut down at around 4:30am.  The music was good all night, provided by Lion Chef of King Apocalypse (King AP) with Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound also getting in a couple of sets.  There was also great crowd motivation over the mic (not overdone) by Madd Twitch of Cartel Sound, Mikey Montana from Uprizing Sounds and the birthday boy/host, Super PEC of Highlanda.

The truly refreshing aspect of this event is the vibe and energy that carries throughout the venue.  EVERYBODY was dancing!!

Lion Chef (King AP), Super PEC (Highlanda), Mikey Montana (Uprizing Sounds)

Lion Chef (King AP), Super PEC (Highlanda), Mikey Montana (Uprizing Sounds)

Everyone in attendance participated, sang along with the music, and danced as though they all had not been out in years.  I, for one, am tired of venturing out, only to stand around witnessing others do the same.  I’m also tired of the current trend in which 95% of the people stand up posing and watching the “dancers.”

The Bentley’s, is not a large venue, it is definitely cozy, but the design and layout couldn’t be better.  The sound system there is tuned up and turned up – perfect for showing your skills on the dance floor.  The promoters of Intimate have succeeded be catering to the ladies in particular by providing a safe, pretty, smoke-free, climate controlled environment that compliments them all the way.  I saw a great gender ratio with more women than men, and the crowd seemed to be mostly young Caribbean professionals so the bottles of Vodka, Champagne, and even, Patron, flowed out from the bar all night.

Intimate, every Friday night

Intimate's a good look.

Another item of note about Intimate was the media coverage of the event.  Video camera crews were present from Element Studios, as well as Fyah Sistahs Entertainment, and Ghetto Life photography, plus several still cameras were seen circulating and snapping portraits.  I have never seen that many cameras inside a party before, so kudos to Super PEC and the promo team for a job well done.  I can’t wait to see the footage.  I have heard other very positive feedback from Intimate at The Bentley’s.  Here is another cool review you can check out from Karin A. on  Also check out more pictures from Intimate at,, and on Facebook.

The party sell off!

The party sell off!

The verdict – Finally!  Yes, if you have been opting not to party because the clubs, DJs, and promoters were not catering to you, then worry not.  Intimate is for you.  If you enjoy all types of old and new Caribbean music with a touch of the hottest old and new Hip Hop and R&B, and even some Billboard top 40 pop hits in the mix, Intimate is for you.  If you are 21 or older (the term grown and sexy is so over used) and want to get dressed up and step out into a quality establishment, with a quality atmosphere, and be surrounded by similar like-minded individuals that came to PARTY their butts off, then Intimate is most definitely for you.  This is a well needed addition to the the weekend options for Caribbean entertainment in Atlanta.

Slanted Reality and Dancehall

I find that the music coming out of Jamaica over recent years has been overwhelmingly violent with very lude lyrical content. This, among other factors which I will discuss here, I feel has left many fans totally disenfranchised. Some say it is due to the violence encountered in everyday life in parts of Jamaica. This I understand, however with that being said, wouldn’t it serve society better to deliver messages about peace, or just non-gun related topics? My question assumes that there are artists whose purpose it is to serve humanity. Perhaps this is not realistic.

There are Jamaican arists today, such as Luciano and others for example, who in every way represent the messages of truth, rights, roots and culture, and who bring strong, thought provoking lyrical content as opposed to just “Pop.” Popular culture in Jamaican Dancehall now includes:
men in tight pants dancing with each other while ladies are left alone (strange in a place where alternative lifestyles are taboo and frowned upon), songs with lyrics that intricately describe guns and scenes of shoot outs and even torture, and of course the extremely simple dancing tunes ala Pon the River, Dutty Wine, Nuh Linga, etc. This is all fine and well if done in moderation.

Nowadays in America, many partrons, DJs, selectors, and sound systems are guilty of perpetuating rubbish by following, copying and mimicing whatever they see coming out of Jamaica. Let me explain. The dancehall DVDs, the clips that make it to youtube, and the CDs from dances we access here are edited to only really feature the “hype” part of the dance when the “dancers” are in a frenzy, etc. This means that the same songs get played in the background over and over and over again. These “sound bites” have become dancehall.

Sounds no longer study music or prepare to perform for their audiences. Selectors no longer select. They simply download mp3 that they hear others spinning and run out to be their gigs to be mediocre at best. But you can’t tell them that because the just played alot of Mavado so therefore they ‘done the place?’

For the unoriginal, non-creative average DJ who doesnt know any better, this to them means they MUST play the exact same songs over and over. Not only that, but all the phrases, jokes, stories, and song intros that selectors in JA use are copied and used over and over.
Many of these DJs (so called entertainers) do not realize that in Jamaica most of the dances last until the early morning hours, which means that at points during the night the music varies to enable many different types of reggae music to be featured. Even at Passa Passa many other genres of music get played and get good responses from the crowd too.

The real victim is the partygoer who has spent money and alotted the time to come out and be entertained only to hear the same songs over and over with no introduction of anything new or refreshing and no chance for nostalgic vibes to be conjured up because 40 years of reggae music mega hits are left out and the DJ only plays the new mid to uptempo music (which will stay hot 6 months max.)

I have faith that the times will change and the real will recognize real. The truth is always true and will always come to light. Good will always conquer evil.