Reggae Artist Shinehead Performs in ATL (Video and Interview)


Catch this live phone-in interview with the reggae singer/rapper by Highlanda Sound as SHINEHEAD prepared to headline Atlanta’s annual Reggae Legends Week with a Saturday night performance at 595 North.  While spreading the hype for his upcoming show and recanting his life-story, Shinehead also speaks his mind about Black History Month, the significance of honoring legends such as Bob Marley and Dennis Brown.


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Shinehead (born Edmund Carl Aiken, April 10, 1962, KentEngland) is an English-born Jamaican reggae singer/toaster/rapper.

He began his music career by performing for different New York reggae dancehall sound systems in the 1980s, most notably Tony Screw’s Downbeat The Ruler, based in The Bronx.

His recording debut was in 1986 on the African Love Music independent record label with “Who The Cap Fits (Let Them Wear It)” from the album Rough & Rugged. In his early years, Jeff Buckley led his group on guitar and lent a hand with backing vocals.

Shinehead was signed to a recording contract by Artist & Repertoire Representative Raoul Roach with Elektra Records in 1988, and remained with them until 1995.

His best known single was the cover version of Sting‘s “Englishman In New York“, re-titled as “Jamaican In New York” (1993). It reached #30 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1993.[1] Thesingle featured on the Sidewalk University album.

He is largely credited as being one of the original acts to cross hip-hop with reggae music, now known as reggae fusion, with songs such as “Try My Love” in 1992.[2]

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