Nas – The Greatest Rapper Alive

When I heard what Nas was planning to call his new release initially I though to myself, “I have to hear the entire thing before I formulate an opinion, because ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ was a modern-day classic.”  I had to give Mr. Jones the benefit of the doubt. 

Watch as NAS rocks the Roxy for a free MySpace Release Show for his true fans. Lining up as early as midnight the night before for a chance to see one of the BEST shows MySpace has thrown.

Now to all the critics I can safely say:
(and I welcome you to comment on this whether you agree with me or not)

With the release of the controversial album, Untitled, Nas has stepped up to the plate and delivered once again with an album to top the last.  In doing so he also tops the rest of the Hip Hop world as well.  The Untitled Release is essentially conscious hip hop, which hasn’t been popular since the early 90s with groups like Public Enemy (what happened Flavor Flav…?), X-Clan, and Queen Latifah.  His finest work since he debuted in 1992 with Illmatic, this new album is an essential piece of any true Hip Hop lover’s collection and in my opinion one of the most important records to have come out to date.

Thought provoking debates with social and political commentary are argued with clever word play and a revolutionary tone.  Solid beats accompanied by masterful rhymes that tackle the issues we all face today.  As a connoisseur of reggae music with its universal message I can relate to what Nas is kicking and say the release Untitled is officially TOP RATED.

And a word all artists and those who aspire to reach audiences in the musical arena I encourage you.  Dare to take a stance.  Say something!! Stand for something!!  We are here to teach and to share our divine gifts with the world, not to mislead and waste our freedom of speech.