The Silky One | Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 90

The emergence of Garnett Silk was as timely and triumphant as we’ve seen in the business of reggae music.

Upon first hearing Garnet Silk sing you can see this is somebody that wants you to feel what he’s singing about. You can feel that this is someone who has a deep conviction for the messages in his music. Garnett achieved iconic status within only a matter of years.

The Silky One

His career took off between 1992 and 1994 when there was a conversion in the mood of the Dancehall. Silk sang cultural songs that spoke to the needs and desires of the African diaspora. Legendary producer Bobby Digital recorded his debut album “It’s Growing.” That album featured deep cultural themes, spiritual songs, and romantic songs. It went on to become one of the best selling albums in Jamaica for 1992.

Silk recorded hits for the Star Trails label, King Jammys, Jack Scorpio, Sly & Robbie, and Steely & Clevie. He headlined 1994’s Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Sunsplash festivals. Then he signed an international distribution deal with Atlantic Records. He started working on another album with Sly & Robbie at Tuff Gong Studios.

As this album was nearing completion, two burglaries took place at his mother’s house in Mandeville. Garnett borrowed two guns from his lawyer for protection. As he sat with his friends on the afternoon of December 9, 1994, showing them the guns, he confessed that he didn’t even know how to use them. One of his friends offered to show Silk how to fire them. At some point one of the guns discharged. The bullet hit a propane gas tank igniting a massive fire.

Everyone in the group was out of the house when Silk realized that his mother was asleep in her bedroom. Immediately he returned to rescue her. Silk and his mother got trapped in the burning house and did not make it out alive.

Garnet Silk passed away at 28 years old leaving a wife and three children. His son Garnett Smith Jr. has ventured into a career in music. His nephew Anthony Cruz, also a well-known singer, recorded a tribute album in 2013 featuring cover versions Silk’s songs.

Several singles and compilation albums got released after his death. If you are a sound system lover check out “Killamanjaro Remembers” released in 1999. Also, check out “The Conquering Lion dubplate selection” released in 2000. That one includes dubs that Garnett recorded for Conquering Lion Sound System in the 80s.

One of the big questions for reggae fans is “What if…?” What if Garnett was able to live on until today? We’re blessed with the musical legacy he left. Enjoy this mix, collect his music. Garnett Silk is definitely not forgotten. He is always remembered and always missed. Thank you for listening to Reggae Lover Podcast Episode # 90.

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This Generation’s Garnett Silk?

Many may remember Garnett Silk’s smooth voice and powerful lyrical content that captivated us in the early nineties and left us wanting more. His untimely death left a gap in the industry that no other artist has been able to fill, until now. Meet Humanuwah.

Born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith, producer, singer and songwriter “Humanuwah”, found his place in the field of music through the journey to realize the true self (the spiritual self). Having a very strong desire to promote the message in his music and not himself, he has managed to shy away from the public for years.

He defines his music as a reflection of the soul’s journey to the inner higher states of consciousness, and says his purpose and aim musically is to be a channel of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and inspiration to the world.

There is not much to say about Humanuwah, his music speaks for him. Take a listen:

Download Humanuwah’s singles here:


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Reggae Vault Classics Episode 24 featuring Garnet Silk

Garnet Silk "Fill Us Up With Your Mercy"

This is the latest episode of the syndicated Reggae Vault Classics podcast produced for promotional purposes only by Highlanda Sound for September 2, 2009 featuring classic reggae music in a radio broadcast mix-show format.

This episode of Reggae Vault Classics includes excepts from The Vault Classics Radio show recorded live on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 for Da Flava Radio.

Right Click the file and select “Save As…” to download the entire mp3 file or just click to listen to the audio stream now. We sincerely hope you enjoy the selections and mixing.  Please send your comments, feedback, and requests to or feel free to comment here.

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1   Gunman – Michael Prophet
2   Heavenless – Dean Frazier
3   Entertainment – Tristan Palmer
4   Friday Night Jamboree – Jah Thomas
5   Go Tell The People – Cornell Campbell
6   Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me – Dennis Brown
7   Learn Fi Ride – SuperCat
8   Golden Hen – Tenor Saw
9   No Work Pon Sunday – Tenor Saw
10  One Dance Won’t Do – Audrey Hall
11  What One Dance Can Do – Beres Hammond
12  Silk Chant (Kette Drum) – Garnet Silk
13  Complaint – Garnett Silk featuring Capleton
14  Retreat Wicked Man – Garnet Silk
15  Every Knee Shall Bow – Garnet Silk, Cocoa Tea, Charlie Chaplin
16  Music Is The Rod – Garnet Silk
17  Bless Me – Garnet Silk
18  Love Is The Answer – Garnet Silk
19  Kingly Character – Garnet Silk
20  Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders – Garnet Silk
21  Taking Advantage – Garnet Silk
22  A Man Is A Man – Garnet  Silk
23  Zion In A Vision – Garnet Silk
24  Splashing Dashing – Garnet Silk

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