Dancehall vs. Reggae: Is there a difference?


Most people define dancehall as a genre that stemmed from Reggae. Others contend that Reggae music is the genre, but dancehall is a place or a culture.

In this ongoing debate, we analyze these points of view and list the pros and cons of each. Within that context, we uncovered issues that affect the perception of the music as an art-form and its viability as a business.
This is a dedication to all reggae lovers and we invite you to share your opinion in the comments. Join the conversation and share based on your own personal interaction with reggae.

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Ladies Night Out with Juggla and Gyallis Int’l – Friday Feb. 28

Ladies Night Out with Juggla and Gyallis Int'l - Feb 28

Ladies Night Out with Juggla and Gyallis Int’l – Feb 28

Access Granted Rebirth continues every Friday at Club Pisces with Ladies Night Out on February 28.  Hip Hop, Reggae, Food and Drink Specials and No Cover Charge All Night.

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Sizzla On A War Path

Lately dancehall veteran Sizzla Kalonji has been engaged in a serious lyrical battle with new comer Khago. Music critiques have openly complained that Sizzla is taking it too far as he has made references to Khago’s mother and gotten very personal in his songs. Not seeming to care, Kalonji continues on the war path by now calling out hip-hop artist Snoop Dog.

When inquiries were made by MJE as to why Sizzla is now verbally attacking Snoop Dog, we were given two stories. Firstly we were told that Snoop recently publicly announced that he has officially converted to the Rasta faith. He was in Jamaica and apparently visited several locations that are considered secret in the Rasta Religion. Sizzla was allegedly not pleased with his actions while at these locations and has decided to call him out on it. The other story we were told is that Snoop was to collaborate with Sizzla on a track while he was in Jamaica but because he did not show up at the studio, Sizzla took offence.

Regardless which story is accurate, persons can listen to the song and decide for themselves. It is on the “sickness riddim” which was produced by Lyon House Muzik and executive produced by Maria Jackson Entertainment. Also on the riddim is Karamanti who has been getting a lot of flack as well because she starts her song by saying “Kalonji me agree, mi listen & mi pre.” Karamanti however, has made it clear that she was not saying that she agrees with the things Sizzla was saying about Snoop but more about the injustices he touched on in his song.

Listen to the “sickness riddim.”

The Atlanta Urban Teachers Ball is Saturday at Davinci’s

teachers ballThis Saturday August 29th, calling All Atlanta Metro-Area Educators, Family & Friend’s from APS, COBB, FULTON, GWINNETT, DEKALB, CLAYTON, HENRY, and COWETA counties.

Davinci’s will host the ball on Saturday night. REGGAE, DANCEHALL AND SOCA BY HIGHLANDA SOUND ON THE SPACIOUS COVERED OUTDOOR PATIO and mainstream, Hip-Hop, R & B, new school and old school provided by DJ Cowboy of V103.3 FM.

Not since Vegas Nights on Cobb Pkwy has the north side seen a sexier venue than Davinci’s! Located at the intersection of Windy Hill Rd & Powers ferry Rd. Just Diagonal from Houston’s Restaurant. Davinci’s features 4 fully stocked bars, an outdoor patio, a giant stage complete with a fly sound and light system, and 5 exclusive VIP sections!

The dress code is always Fly & Impressive, and will be strictly enforced!
Ladies: Dresses, Skirts, Heels
Fellas: Blazers, Dress Shirts, Polos, Hard Bottom Shoes.
We will invoke the right to be selective!

The ORIGINAL Urban Teachers Ball Is Here! Teachers, Professors, Principals, Counselors, Social Workers, Resource Officers, Family & Friends a like will be in attendance. The Metro Atlanta Teachers Association has started a movement and wants your help in reaching their goals. The Metro Atlanta Teachers Association’s overall goal is to be an organization dedicated to the professional and social advancement of educators in metropolitan Atlanta.

Thus, to make this happen, they are asking of Everyone:

#1. Join the Metro Atlanta Teachers Association mailing list by visiting the Urban Teachers Ball website:
* Please provide your personal email addresses so that we can keep everyone in the loop.

#2. SPREAD THE WORD! Pass the emails along. Tell people about the site. Support The Event and Join the movement.

To inquire about being involved with M.A.U.T.A. email:
Thanks For Your time! M.A.U.T.A.

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Dance Flick Event Premieres This Friday at Aliyah’s


This Friday all roads lead to Aliyah’s Caribbean Grill for a major dance event: Dance FlickDance Flick

Music by Highlanda: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca, RnB

Dances by YOU: Nuh Linga, Sweep, Dip Again, Tek Way Yourself, Wibble Wabble, Couple Up, Tic Toc, Dutty Wine, Hot Wuk, Badman Forward, Stookie, Room Ram, Hoola Hoop, Killer Walk, Prezzie Bounce, Mavado Rock, Last Man Standing, Daggering, Swag It Up, Cut Dem Off, Gaza and Gully, Calm Dem Down, Gully Creepa, and more…

Convenient Location, Free Parking, Outdoor Covered Patio, Pool Table, Mature Clientele, Relaxed Dress Code, Caribbean Food Menu Until Midnight, World Class Top-Shelf Bar Staff, Bottle Service and VIP available.

Email guest list names to

For More Info Log on to Extreme Media or or call (678) 641-3089

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