Dancehall vs. Reggae: Is there a difference?

Most people define dancehall as a genre that stemmed from Reggae. Others contend that Reggae music is the genre, but dancehall is a place or a culture.

In this ongoing debate, we analyze these points of view and list the pros and cons of each. Within that context, we uncovered issues that affect the perception of the music as an art-form and its viability as a business.
This is a dedication to all reggae lovers and we invite you to share your opinion in the comments. Join the conversation and share based on your own personal interaction with reggae.

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Who are the Best Vocal Harmony Groups in Reggae?

This mix features reggae’s vocal harmony groups from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

I took it back to the roots on this one. I focused on songs with an impressive vocal arrangement. This is a specific selection of songs with male singers harmonizing together.

I featured The Wailers, mostly from the “Catch A Fire” album. That album has that very dry, grassroots sound. This was before instrumentation such as horn sections and electric guitars were added. Before the female energy of the I-Threes was added.

The mix also featured some of The Heptones‘ Studio One era hits. I dropped in some original Israel Vibration before they split. Other groups featured are The Techniques, The Abyssinians, The Gladiators, The Sensations, The Mighty Diamonds, and The Silvertones. You also hear songs from Lloyd Parks and We the People, The Sharks, The Royals, The Cables, and The Flames.

Listen to those names and you know these brothers were from a different time. These vocal groups created some of the most beautiful music and the most powerful songs. You feel their passion because of the emphasis conveyed within the harmonies. There was something special about those days.

Best Vocal Harmony Groups | Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 107

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Its the sweet soulful sound of great reggae music! If you enjoy this, check out episode 74. It’s entitled “The Greatest Reggae Bands of All Time (not including the Wailers).” That show features Aswad, Steel Pulse, Third World, Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, and Inner Circle. Similar material is on The Studio One tribute episodes: 55 and 56.








It’s a new season of the podcast! I am back in full effect with new shows coming out every week until the end of the year. Thank you so much for listening. If it’s your first time, this is a livication to you, the reggae lover.

Whether you know the songs you hear on this show or not, my goal is that you feel uplifted after listening. I want you to feel joyous and happy. The music should help you to transmute any negative energy into positive. You should enter a different frame of mind via the therapeutic mixes and level up.

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