Bob Marley’s favorite singer: Jacob Miller

Jamaican reggae artist and Rastafari musician, nicknamed Jacob “Killa” Miller. Inner Circle lead singer, Jacob was a legendary Reggae singer with an exciting stage presence and memorable voice.

HIGHLANDA SOUND #Reggae 123 - Reggae Lover - Jacob Miller

Download mix by clicking the cover art image.

Listen to songs from Jacob Miller like Tenement Yard, Healing of the Nation & more.








40 Amazing Dub Songs from the Masters


This is an essential mix and overview of Dub, a Jamaican genre or sub-genre that grew out of Reggae music in the 1960s and has extended way beyond the scope of Reggae to inspire other genres including dubstep, hip-hop, jungle, grime, rock, house, techno, drum and bass, trip-hop, garage, and more.

artwork: Reggae Lover Podcast 120, Dub Music mix

Click to download: Dub Music Podcast

Dub was pioneered by Osbourne “KING TUBBY” Ruddock (pictured above), Lee “Scratch” Perry, and Augustus Pablo among others. Hear this specially curated mix now on the Reggae Lover Podcast, episode 120.








Don Carlos Mix | Reggae Lover Podcast # 113


This Reggae Lover episode features the legendary reggae singer known as Don Carlos.

Jamaican reggae singer and composer Don Carlos began singing in 1973 as a member of Black Uhuru. Don continues to perform sweet roots reggae music all over the world. Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 113

To Download Podcast – Click Image Above

Don Carlos was born Euvin Spencer in the Western Kingston district known as Waterhouse. If you didn’t know, this is one of the roughest parts of Kingston. I was also the birthplace of the group Black Uhuru, and super producers King Tubby and King Jammy.

Notice the consistency of the roots reggae sound and distinct vocal delivery in all the songs. Don Carlos began his career in 1973 as an original member of Black Uhuru along with Garth Ennis and Duckie Simpson. After a few years, the trio split and Don Carlos launched into a solo career.

In 1981 he dropped “Suffering,” an album that exploded on the scene becoming popular especially in Africa. Don Carlos was then solidified as a soloist. During the years between 80 and 85, he was also very popular on the Dancehall scene with many top 10 hits. Songs heard on this mix include the Volcano label hits, Hog and Goat, I’m Not Going Crazy, and Laser Beam.

Don continued releasing albums and touring throughout the 80s. Black Uhuru’s original members reunited from 1989-1994 before splitting again. Since then, Don Carlos has been one of the busiest touring artists out of Jamaica. He rocked the stage at Reggae on the River in California this summer. He has performed at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and other major festivals globally.

He will be on tour in 2019 to support a new album called Golden Classics. You can check him out at DonCarlosReggae.Com or coming to a stage near you.








7 Things You’ve Missed If You Haven’t Been To #RocksteadyATL

Many people are calling and The Honorary Citizen’s monthly roots reggae event, Rocksteady ATL, the most anticipated monthly underground music nightlife option.  This dance party takes place on first Friday of each month and has been running consistently for over 1 year.

The current location is Studio No. 7, a beautiful lounge/gallery nestled into the heart of downtown Atlanta at 393 Marietta Street.  Each month, DJ Passport and Highlanda Sound are bolstered by different guest DJs, artists, hosts, and live musicians to take part in a retro reggae celebration that aims to keep roots and culture music in the dancehall.

If you have not ventured downtown on a 1st Friday for Rocksteady ATL, here is merely a short-list of what you have missed.

Roots. Rock. Dreggae. plus DJ •SOUND ENGINEER •MUSIC PRODUCER Shane Talon

Dreggae is very excited about the global reggae phenomena taking hold in his city [#RocksteadyATL]. Catch him live on the First Friday in March at Studio No. 7.

 1. You missed Dreggae’s up close and personal show.

Dreggae in on stage at #RocksteadyATL, August 2015

Dreggae in on stage at #RocksteadyATL, 2015

Dreggae has blessed Rocksteady ATL with intimate performances inna Rub-a-Dub style.  He highlighted his more traditional reggae, dub and lovers rock catalog to the delight of his fans and rode some of dancehall’s iconic riddims skillfully.  Don’t miss your next chance to see Dreggae live at Rocksteady ATL with his DJ, Shane Talon on Friday, March 4th, 2016.

2. Your Love Affair with 1990’s Reggae.

Reggae Gold 1996 cover art

VP Records Reggae Gold 1996 cover art

You're in love with 1990s reggae - admit it!  You have fond memories of being at parties and hearing Buju, Shabba, Supercat, and Beres played out at length which necessitated a proper slow wine segment, dance partner or not.  The soundtrack of the night at Rocksteady ATL typically includes 1990's Reggae Music, Top Songs and Riddims from the Dancehall, especially the one drop anthems.

3. Truths and rights from the dancehall veteran, Ken Serious!

ken serious live

Ken Serious chanting conscious lyrics at #RocksteadyATL

Based in Atlanta, there is an original dancehall DJ along the lines of Supercat, Josey Wales, Nicodemus, and Charlie Chaplin that first recorded during the 1980’s dancehall golden era and performed on one of the most technologically advanced and star studded sound systems of the day in Kingston, the mighty Stur Mars.  In addition to a powerful showing in November 2015 at Glory Inna Rub-a-Dub Style with King Stur Gav in Decatur, GA., Ken Serious has endorsed #RocksteadyATL and has there performed on Highlanda Sound.

4. DJ’s using real turntables and spinning real vinyl.


aba shaka vinyl

World-class roots master Aba Shaka

This is  a real classic event so it would only be fitting to employ a pair of the classic Technics 1200 turntables that were the DJ industry standard for 50 years.  If you missed the crucial selection of international vinyl roots master selector Aba Shaka (Cosmic Love Beat) when he passed through the area, definitely make sure to catch him live in effect again on Friday, April 1, 2016 spinning all vinyl 45’s, dubplates and LP’s alongside former Metro Media star selector Webba!

5. The Bob Marley Tribute and Aquarius Birthday Bash

A BOB MARLEY TRIBUTE and birthday celebration for Mr & Mrs Kahlil Wonda and ĀGARD DJs: Highlanda Sound, DJ Passport, ĀGARD, and Jah Prince Live Reggae: BRAP Band Performance by Ken Serious February 5th 2016 Studio No. 7 393 Marietta St. Atlanta 30313

2016 BOB MARLEY TRIBUTE and birthday celebration for Mr & Mrs Kahlil Wonda and ĀGARD

Celebrating reggae culture and the positive messages that it spreads are at the heart of #RocksteadyATL and their annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash presents a culmination of elements to stimulate the senses.  From the top notch DJ lineup to the live reggae musicians and performers, patrons are treated to a hand-picked assortment of sights, sounds, and flavors that make it a memorable and authentic experience.

6. Isis Swaby, daughter of Horace “AUGUSTUS PABLO” Swaby.



Isis Swaby being interviewed in ATL by Morets TV

Also featured at #RocksteadyATL, our special guest DJ, Rockers International and Radio Kangol representative out of NYC, Isis Swaby, visual artist, DJ/producer and daughter of famed reggae icon Horace “Augustus Pablo” Swaby.

7. Selections from Studio One, King Jammys, Volcano, Treasure Isle…


Tribute to Studio One: Reggae Vault Classics

Pictured: Coxsone Dodd, founder and producer at Studio One

#RocksteadyATL promotes styles of music once played at Skateland, Rae Town, and The Biltmore Ballroom.  This is the nightlife option for supporters of events such as Dubwise Jamaica,  Rebel Salute, Downtown Top Ranking, Reggae Retro, 1996, and Sattama Reggae Sundays.  Looking for happenings where hits from foundation labels like Studio One, Techniques, Tuff Gong, Penthouse, Witty’s, or Wackies can be heard?  How about some of Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage or Sister Nancy’s music?  Well this is your event and you’ve been missing out.


DREGGAE to host U N D I S P U T E D: The Listening Session Friday at La Vie ATL

U N D I S P U T E D: The Listening Session This is an exclusive event showcasing the new mixtape from Dreggae with W.R.Y and Shane Talon. Be the first to hear it and get your free copy!  RSVP by emailing your guest list to before 5PM on 9/11.   Powered by #RockersIsland and #WRY.

This is an exclusive event showcasing the new mixtape from Dreggae with W.R.Y and Shane Talon. Be the first to hear it and get your free copy!

RSVP by emailing your guest list to before 5PM on 9/11.

Powered by #RockersIsland and #WRY.

Reggae In the Age of the Internet

Everyone knows that reggae is best appreciated loud through a sound system with a stomach shuddering bass. This is not what one normally associates with music heard through the internet – the speakers on most laptops are not going to do justice to King Tubby’s dubs or Prince Far I’s vocals. However, the internet has brought lots of good things for the world of reggae and Jamaican music.

In 2010, a young Jamaican entrepreneur and computer programmer created a new reggae/dancehall computer game which was reported in The Gleaner. Alex Morrisey, who previously created the famous website, called the game Songwrita and hopes it will be played by fans all around the world. His earlier website is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to know about Jamaican music.

The idea behind the game is that you have to catch various song lyrics as they fall from the sky while you name the artiste – it also links in to iTunes too, so you can buy the music you like. Morrisey told The Gleaner that “I am delighted to have launched this game because dancehall and reggae music is an international entertainment staple that influences so many cultures around the world – Songwrita will definitely help to bring popularity to upcoming artistes and further establish the strength of our music around the globe – something that we are all proud of.”

This wouldn’t be the first time music has inspired a computer game. Music is found in everything from corporate blockbusters like the Grand Theft Auto games, which include lots of great tunes, to smaller games, like and Kerrang Radio‘s collaboration on Stairway to 7. Other internet entrepreneurs have looked to Facebook and other social media for inspiration rather than games. The website is a Caribbean online community where people can meet other music fans and share music, images and videos. An interesting project that is currently seeking funding on the crowd funding website Kickstarter is Trendy Reggae. This is a social utility for reggae and dancehall music fans to discover new music and gigs. The app was created by Tarique Smith (based out of New York) and Calvin Brown (based in Kingston) and you can help funding it until the end of Monday May 12th 2014. Another good reggae community site is, so check that out too.

There are many other good reggae themed websites – and ours should surely be right at the top – and here is one of the best: For anyone who live in the UK or Europe generally, David Rodigan‘s site should be a saved your bookmarks. Rodigan is a legend in the UK where he has been DJing reggae since the 70s on the radio and live, he has even won the Champion Trophy at World Clash Reset in New York in 2012. This man has a serious passion for the music.

A few other websites you can try to find music, videos or to chat to fellow reggae fans are which has lots of news about Jamaica in general, but music in particular; has loads of videos and lots of forums where fans can chat with others; if you’re just after a forum forum is a great place to chat; and if you’re just after videos has lots of good stuff.

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Reggae Vault Classics ‘Tribute to King Jammy’s’ by Highlanda

Reggae Vault Classics presents a Tribute to the legendary King Jammy‘s label.

  1. Josey Wales – Water Come A Me Eye
  2. Buju Banton – Sound Fi Dead

    King Jammy

    Cover of King Jammy

  3. Cocoa Tea – Crying Time
  4. Little Twitch – Spanish Fly
  5. Bushman – Grow Your Natty
  6. Cocoa Tea – Uptight Saturday Night
  7. Sanchez – End of The Road
  8. Sanchez – Mr. Sea (Love Songs)
  9. Frankie Paul – I Know The Score
  10. Dennis Brown – Love Is Never to Say You’re Sorry
  11. Leroy Gibbons – I’m Missing You
  12. Cocoa Tea – The Toughest

    Dennis Brown

    Cover of Dennis Brown

  13. Pinchers – Bandelero
  14. Wayne Smith – Ain’t No Meaning
  15. Shinehead – Good Love
  16. Nitty Gritty – Draw Mi Mark
  17. Admiral Bailey and Chaka Demus – One Scotch
  18. Super Cat – Boops
  19. Supercat – Jamaica Jamaica
  20. Johnny Osborne – Wnat A La La

    Super Cat

    Cover of Super Cat

  21. Nitty Gritty – Good Morning Teacher
  22. Wayne Smith – Come Along
  23. Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng
  24. John Wayne – Call The Police
  25. Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
  26. Johnny Osborne – Budy Bye
  27. Supercat – Trash and Ready
  28. Echo Minott – Original Fat Ting
  29. Ninjaman – Murder Dem
  30. Tony Curtis – Weak
  31. Leroy Gibbon – This Magic Moment
  32. Frankie Paul – Cassanova
  33. Yellowman – Run Come
  34. Courtney Melody ft Danny Dread – Call Me Angel
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King Jammy’s Hit Songs: A History and Musical Mix


The ‘80s was the age of dancehall and Lloyd ‘Jammy’ James was King.  King Jammys’ label churned out hit after hit, while his Sound System ruled the streets of Jamaica.

The ‘80s was the age of dancehall and Lloyd ‘Jammy’ James was King.  King Jammys' label churned out hit after hit, while his Sound System ruled the streets of Jamaica.     Listen to this Reggae Vault Classics  Featured Icon segment paying tribute  to the pioneering producer that forever changed the sound of reggae music.

Download Reggae Vault Classics episode #52

 Listen to this Reggae Vault Classics  Featured Icon segment paying tribute  to the pioneering producer that forever changed the sound of reggae music.



Here’s another piece of musical history for the purist in you.

Midnight Raver

Unbeknownst to me, legendary King Tubby’s Sound System opened for The Wailers at National Arena on September 26, 1975.  According to journalist Carl Gayle of Black Music news, Tubby played until 6 a.m. the following morning, reclaiming his title of ‘King Tubby,’ which had recently been challenged by several other sound systems.

This show was previously dated as ‘August 29, 1975, however, based on Gayle’s announcement, it is clear that the National Arena show occurred on September 26, 1975.

Here is what Tubby’s Hi-Fi might have sounded like (take heed, this audio is rough.  Hey, it’s as old as I am).

You can DOWNLOAD an ass-ton of classic 70’s Hi-Fi at, an absolutely impressive and crucial archive.

King Tubby’s Studio 18 Dromilly Ave Waterhouse JA.

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Don Corleon Presents Dub In HD


Internationally acclaimed Jamaican producer Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett unleashed his highly anticipated dub album aptly titled Dub In HD, on June 21, 2011, on his very own label, Don Corleon Records. Internationally-known and critically acclaimed for his work with pop stars such as Sean Paul, Rihanna and Keyshia Cole on Billboard chart-topping singles, as well as the who’s who in reggae and dancehall today, from Vybz Kartel to J Boog, Bennett is credited with keeping reggae music contemporary and on a competitive edge in the global music industry.

 Bennett’s vested efforts in keeping reggae on the musical forefront brings him full circle to dub, a subgenre of reggae that emerged in the 60’s and primarily consists of instrumental remixes of existing recordings. “I’m in love with music and the dub genre especially,” reveals Bennett. “People like the Mad Professor, King Tubby, Scientist and King Jammy really influenced me.”

Bennett yearned to learn from his dub heroes but was unable to do so and found himself watching them work in the studio via YouTube videos. After diligently studying their methods from their YouTube footage, Bennett was able to teach himself how to create dub, straight from the masters themselves. “This project is a real tribute to the forefathers of dub music and it is my way of keeping their music alive.”

The album consists of 10 tracks, which are all original Don Corleon productions including monster riddims Seasons and Changes, but are now composed in dub. It also includes tracks featuring artistswho appeared on the original riddims, thus Dub In HD sees appearances from reggae stars Buju Banton, Tarrus Riley, Jah Cure, Protoje, Natural Blacks and Jah9.

Dub in HD is distributed worldwide by all major digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon, and is also available on vinyl – the perfect platform for the resurrection of reggae’s renaissance format.

For more information, visit Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett is now available for interviews regarding Dub In HD. Please direct all press inquiries to FOX FUSE – Rhona Fox at (212) 300-3813 or


1.   Dread In Dub

2.   Drop Leaf In Dub

3.   Ghetto Life In Dub

4.   Istanbull In Dub

5.   Luv A Dub

6.   Major Riddim In Dub

7.   Seasons In Dub

8.   Sweet Treat In Dub

9.   Warning In Dub

10. Wrong Side In Dub 


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Reggae Vault Classics 32 featuring Buju Banton

The Best of Buju Banton

Image via Wikipedia

This is the latest episode of the syndicated Reggae Vault Classics podcast produced for promotional purposes only by Highlanda Sound for March,  2011 featuring classic reggae music in a radio broadcast mix-show format.

This episode includes the Featured Artist Special Mix which broadcasts weekly on the Reggae Vault Classics Radio Show (Wednesdays 6pm – 9pm EST) on Da Flava Radio and



1  – Give Praises – Luciano (Dubplate)
2  – Big Bad Sound – Mikey Melody (Dubplate)
3  – Gonna Kill Your Sound – Warrior King (Dubplate)
4  – Progressive Sound – Sluggy Ranks (Dubplate)
5  – Sweet Sweet Guyana – Luciano / Mikey General (Dubplate)
6  – To Keep From Loving You – Sluggy Ranks (Dubplate)
7  – Saddest Day – Wayne Wonder (Dubplate)
8  – Mr. DC (Soundboy) – Sugar Minott (Dubplate)

9  – Conversation Dub – King Tubby‘s
10 – Collie Weed – Barrington Levy
11 – Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant
12 – I Don’t Wanna Dance – Eddie Grant
13 – Caribbean Queen – Billy Ocean
14 – Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley and The Wailers
15 – To The Foundation – Dennis Brown
16 – Wolves and Leopards – Dennis Brown
17 – No Man’s Land – Cornell Campbell
18 – Police In Helicopter – John Holt
19 – Lots Of Signs – Tenor Saw
20 – Talk About Love – Al Campbell
21 – Greetings – Half Pint
22 – Under Pressure – Supercat
23 – Lift It Up Again – Pinchers
24 – Operation Ardent – Buju Banton
25 – Lightning and Thunder – Sluggy Ranks (Dubplate)
26 – Vineyard Party – Supercat
27 – Spy Fi Die – Bounty Killer

Featured Artist Buju Banton Mix

28 – I Am Moving
29 – Brownin
30 – Love Black Woman
31 – Bogle
32 – Man Fi Dead
33 – Stamina Daddy
34 – Man A Look You
35 – Love How The Girls Dem Flex
36 – Hottness featuring Heavy D
37 – Big It Up
38 – Anything For You feat. Snow, Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, and Terror Fabulous
39 – Movie Star featuring Wayne Wonder
40 – Who Say featuring Beres Hammond
41 – What You Gonna Do featuring Wayne Wonder
42 – Sensimelia Persecution
43 – I Wanna Be Loved
44 – Love Sponge
45 – Untold Stories
46 – Murderer
47 – Its Not An Easy Road
48 – How Can You
49 – Til I’m Laid To Rest
50 – Destiny
51 – Your Only Man
52 – Paid Not Played
53 – Fast Lane
54 – Better Days Coming
55 – Driver
56 – Innocent

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