Lt. Stitchie Defends His Integrity After Being Slammed On A Florida Radio Station


 For Immediate Release May 25, 2016 Kingston, Jamaica Lt. Stitchie Defends His Integrity After Being Slammed On A Florida Radio Station

Lt. Stitchie

Pastor, motivational speaker, author and iconic recording artist, Lt. Stitchie, is today defending his integrity after Brother Gary Smith, a popular gospel promoter, went on the radio and began tarnishing his name.

Brother Gary Smith hired Lt. Stitchie to perform at his annual memorial gospel festival which is scheduled to take place on May 28th and 29th. On both days the event is slated to begin at 5pm. Lt. Stitchie decided that instead of staying in his hotel room on Sunday the 29th, he will be attending church service at the Upper Room Tabernacle where he will share his testimony with the members. Brother Gary Smith was not happy with the Lieutenant’s decision as he apparently prefers that Stitchie remains in his room until show time. Hence, Brother Gary Smith took to the radio and began bashing Lt. Stitchie in a very disrespectful manner.

Surprised and disappointed by this, Lt. Stitchie has decided to withdraw from Brother Gary’s annual memorial gospel festival. He said that, “he is astonished that anyone who knows him would have a problem with him wanting to attend church, regardless if it is before or after a show he is booked to perform on.” He also stated that he will still be attending the Upper Room Tabernacle this Sunday, the 29th of May because he is a lover of Christ and will share his testimony whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Stitchie is also scheduled to preach at the 2016 Gospel Fest Cruisade happening tonight, May 25th, at New Alpha Worship Center in Miami Gardens and tomorrow, Thursday May 26th, under the tenth at Da Grill in Lake Worth.

Jamaicans Want More Stitchie!


Jamaicans Want More Stitchie!The lieutenant turned pastor converted the patrons that came out to the 2015 Rainforest Seafood Festival in Montego Bay last Wednesday night. With heavy rain pouring down the massive crowd cheered, danced and applauded as Lt. Stitchie delivered an entertaining, inspirational and humorous set.

When he arrived at the event, Lt. Stitchie and his team were advised that the time allotted to him initially would be reduced to 20 minutes due to the late start. With this in mind Stitchie had no choice but to shorten his performance, something the audience was clearly not happy about.

Stitchie took them on a musical journey, teasing them by doing snippets of some of his biggest hits; “wear yu size”, “natty dread”, “great ambition and more. The lieutenant also did some of his more recent releases, tracks like “man a pastor”, which had the crowd laughing at the comical story lines, “fast and pray” and “Lord Almighty” which captivated them. He also did some new exclusive pieces written specifically for the event.

At the end of his set the veteran Dancehall artist was flooded with requests to make additional appearances in Montego Bay (the city where he got some of his biggest breaks and made some of his biggest changes in music).