Embrace The Moment w/ DJ Shane Talon Saturday July 6th @ THRIVE




RSVP at WeEmbraceSaturdays.com or text WeEmbrace to 313131

Embrace Life w/ Jazzy T from Renaissance, King AP & Elite Soundz

Embrace Life w/ Jazzy T from Renaissance, King AP & Elite Soundz, This Saturday June 29th @ THRIVE (101 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA 30303 Corner of Marietta & Spring )


LADIES FREE B4 MIDNIGHT ON THE LIST – GUYS $10 B4 12 ON THE LIST – RSVP at WeEmbraceSaturdays.com or text WeEmbrace to 313131


90s Party REMINISCE w/ Renaissance & John Wayne This Friday



REMINISCE w/ DJ Delano from Renaissance & John Wayne Movement
This Fri. Oct. 5th @ MINGLES aka Red Ultra Lounge
( 182 Courtland Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303 Downtown ATL )


RSVP at iDesireFridays.com/reminisce or text DESIRE to 313131


Highlanda and Code Red at Life Friday August 6th


The launch event for Island Life Fridays starring Highlanda and Massive B out of New York was a huge success!  Click the link below for information on this week’s event which features Code Red all the way from Kingston, Jamaica alongside the Highlanda Sound.


YouTube – On Da Road #1 Takes In And Reviews ‘Intimate’

Catch this video blog review of Mixx Promotions and Highlanda.net’s ‘Intimate’ event that took place at The Bentley’s last week Friday by Ganster J and the Dancehall Link crew.  Also look for new picture galleries to be posted very soon.

YouTube – On Da Road #1.

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You Don’t Want to Miss Out Twice In A Row!


Highlanda Aquarius Birthday Tonight

The stage is set for tonight’s premiere Atlanta Caribbean event, “Intimate” at the Bentley’s, and its a special occasion to say the least as Highlanda Sound System and Mixx Promotions will host an exclusive Aquarius birthday celebration for its founders, Kahlil Wonda and Crisis Don.

This means that if somehow you missed the ‘Intimate’ birthday celebration for Super PEC of Highlanda which was held at The Bentley’s on January 2, 2009, you now have another opportunity to experience the vibe and energy of a star-studded Highlanda birthday bash!

To recap, the focus of the aforementioned events is placed upon the enjoyment and total satisfaction of the party goer.  There are specially invited guests slated to appear in addition to Highlanda, whose mission is to entertain and promote reggae music world wide.  As is expected, tonight’s ‘Intimate’ at the Bentley’s event will have full media coverage, however I invite you all to be there with your friends and be a part of the celebration.  Then, to go a step further, I invite you to write your own reviews and share your experiences with others – I will most certainly do the same.  Post your comments in the guestbook at Highlanda.net, and you will be added to a VIP email list and gain access to exclusive content and premiere events.

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Intimate Review – “Everybody Was Dancing…!”

Intimate @ The Bentley's is going down evey Friday night...

Intimate @ The Bentley's is going down evey Friday night...

The crowd was there early as expected for Intimate last Friday night and they stayed late.  I’d say things shut down at around 4:30am.  The music was good all night, provided by Lion Chef of King Apocalypse (King AP) with Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound also getting in a couple of sets.  There was also great crowd motivation over the mic (not overdone) by Madd Twitch of Cartel Sound, Mikey Montana from Uprizing Sounds and the birthday boy/host, Super PEC of Highlanda.

The truly refreshing aspect of this event is the vibe and energy that carries throughout the venue.  EVERYBODY was dancing!!

Lion Chef (King AP), Super PEC (Highlanda), Mikey Montana (Uprizing Sounds)

Lion Chef (King AP), Super PEC (Highlanda), Mikey Montana (Uprizing Sounds)

Everyone in attendance participated, sang along with the music, and danced as though they all had not been out in years.  I, for one, am tired of venturing out, only to stand around witnessing others do the same.  I’m also tired of the current trend in which 95% of the people stand up posing and watching the “dancers.”

The Bentley’s, is not a large venue, it is definitely cozy, but the design and layout couldn’t be better.  The sound system there is tuned up and turned up – perfect for showing your skills on the dance floor.  The promoters of Intimate have succeeded be catering to the ladies in particular by providing a safe, pretty, smoke-free, climate controlled environment that compliments them all the way.  I saw a great gender ratio with more women than men, and the crowd seemed to be mostly young Caribbean professionals so the bottles of Vodka, Champagne, and even, Patron, flowed out from the bar all night.

Intimate, every Friday night

Intimate's a good look.

Another item of note about Intimate was the media coverage of the event.  Video camera crews were present from Element Studios, as well as Fyah Sistahs Entertainment, and Ghetto Life photography, plus several still cameras were seen circulating and snapping portraits.  I have never seen that many cameras inside a party before, so kudos to Super PEC and the Highlanda.net promo team for a job well done.  I can’t wait to see the footage.  I have heard other very positive feedback from Intimate at The Bentley’s.  Here is another cool review you can check out from Karin A. on Yelp.com.  Also check out more pictures from Intimate at Highlanda.net, Myspace.com/mixxpromotions, and on Facebook.

The party sell off!

The party sell off!

The verdict – Finally!  Yes, if you have been opting not to party because the clubs, DJs, and promoters were not catering to you, then worry not.  Intimate is for you.  If you enjoy all types of old and new Caribbean music with a touch of the hottest old and new Hip Hop and R&B, and even some Billboard top 40 pop hits in the mix, Intimate is for you.  If you are 21 or older (the term grown and sexy is so over used) and want to get dressed up and step out into a quality establishment, with a quality atmosphere, and be surrounded by similar like-minded individuals that came to PARTY their butts off, then Intimate is most definitely for you.  This is a well needed addition to the the weekend options for Caribbean entertainment in Atlanta.