Its Sound Clash Time Again

This Reggae Lover episode is about the global state of sound clash in 2019. Our special guest is Dr. Rock, host of Front Lines, the West Coast’s only Sound Clash talk show.

Sound Clash Time Again - Reggae Lover Podcast

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Introduction to Episode:

Dr. Rock is the selector behind Great Stone Sound and has studied the game for 30+ years. He hosts two radio shows on the Portland, Oregon based internet station, Nice Up Radio. You can hear him on Front Lines (Thursdays 7-9pm PST) and Dr. Rock’s Free Clinic (Sundays 7-9pm PST).

Podcast Episode Summary:

  • Rock’s favorite sounds are Stur Mars (late 80s) and King Addies (90s – present).
  • When trying to introduce white people to sound clash, he has pointed to the Red Bull Culture Clash. From there, more hardcore.
  • He fell in love with reggae as a youth in the Bahamas in the mid-80s.
  • Why he became a selector
  • Tips for young sounds to build a brand and a following.
  • Who are the top sounds from the West coast?
  • Insights learned from interviewing top clash selectors from around the world.


“There’s something so pure about the sound clash, the dubplate, and the dubplate forward. It is almost religious in its effect. When you see it, you want to share it with people.”
– Dr. Rock on Reggae Lover Podcast 142 – Sound Clash Time Again.

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Introduction to Sound Clash


This is a discussion about the musical competition known as the Jamaican sound clash.

A soundclash is a unique event where opposing sound systems pit their skills against each other.

These exciting battles are fundamental to dancehall culture and have influenced music globally.

Please note: This is a talk show format podcast and not a DJ mix. For mixes please listen to Reggae Lover Podcast episodes 1 through 124 or visit my SoundCloud page. Thank you!

Introduction to Sound Clash

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • King Jammys
  • Mix Pack
  • Ricky Trooper
  • KillamanJaro
  • Bass Odyssey
  • Wiz Kalifa
  • Zaytoven
  • Interceptor
  • Kanabis
  • Innocent
  • Black Kolaz
  • Rumble Talk Thursdays
  • Frontlines
  • Irish and Chin, World Clash, Rumble Series
  • Sound Chat Radio
  • King Addies
  • Magosh
  • Liv Sound
  • War Report
  • Gibbo Presents
  • 1,2,3 Badda Dan
  • Beenie Man
  • War In the East
  • Dynamiq
  • King AP, Jinx
  • Cartel Sound
  • Capricorn Sound
  • Drake
  • Major Lazer, Walshy Fire, Diplo, Jillionaire
  • Mighty Crown
  • Wyclef
  • Unruly, Popcaan
  • Red Bull Culture Clash
  • Usher
  • Boom Clash
  • Welcome to Jamrock Cruise Clash at Sea
  • DJ Kahled
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