Dancehall Now featuring Charly Black – PODCAST Now Available



This is the latest episode of the syndicated Dancehall Now podcast produced by Highlanda Sound System for February 2011 featuring the very latest dancehall and soca music in a full stereo radio broadcast format.

This episode includes live footage from Highlanda’s Dancehall Now Radio Show (Tuesdays 6pm – 9pm EST) on and in which dancehall recording artist Charly Black talks with SuperPEC about idolizing Bass Odyssey selector Squingy as a youth, representing his hometown in Jamaica, Trelawny, and always defending the ladies. During this energetic interview Charly Black introduces and talks about the motivation behind his new singles, Fall In Love Again, and No Live No Where.

Please download the entire mp3 file or just click to listen to the audio stream now. We sincerely hope you enjoy the selections. Please send your comments, feedback, and requests to or feel free to comment on this site. If you like what you hear please subscribe and become a fan to get automatic updates when new shows are added.

Download Media files

Dancehall_Now_2-8-11_with_Charly_Black.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 137 MB)

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