Brand New Album from Norris Man, “REAL”

Norris Man´s brand new album “REAL” is produced by swedish based HOT THIS YEAR BAND
(producers and musicians: Partillo, Lance-a-Lot, André Roots & Björn Bonnevier) and is released by Partillo Productions.
Norris Man & Hot This Year band 1 front cover
This album really shows Norris Man’s capability to build and write songs on a different level together with a band and producers. That makes this album genuine compared to lots of other releases nowadays.
Norris Man & Hot This Year band 2 back cover
The cooperation between Norris Man and Hot This Year band started in 2011 when they did a show together at the sometimes infamous but great reggae festival “Uppsala Reggae Festival“. 
Their first studio sessions took place the same year and resulted in the 2012 released album “GHETTO LIFE” produced by Partillo, Lance-a-Lot, Kap10 and Rigo (Topaz/Infinite Mass). 
The new album “REAL” contains high quality timeless one drop and roots reggae with a few exceptions with PAPA DEE on the dancehall tune “REAL PEOPLE” and the collaboration with legendary U BROWN on the rub a dub tribute “REGGAE ROLL CALL”
Norris Man & Papa Dee - Real People (Partillo prod) COVER
Check out the first single and video REAL PEOPLE with Papa Dee 

NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO: U Brown & Jr Eric – Tu Shung Peng 2012 REMAKE


Brand new remake of the classic “Tu Shung Peng” with the late great Swedish rub-a-dub king Junior Eric featuring the Jamaican living legend U Brown.  Music by Partillo Productions.

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Jr Eric was ruling the small but very active reggae/rub-a-dub community in Sweden for years, but was sadly injured and later passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident in Thailand in 2009, were he had just established a reggae club/restaurant. He had a few years of success spreading reggae music and culture all over Scandinavia and was predicted to gain even further success on the scene, together with Kapten Röd.

Although he passed away at a very young age, he managed to establish good contact with lots of international artists, such as the legendary DJ/MC veteran U BROWN. They became good friends and performed together a couple of times…
As a fun thing during a studio session Jr Eric did a freestyle of U Browns tune TU SHUNG PENG, the only time he ever deejayed in English.

Years after Eric passed his vocals were taken over to Jamaica to re-voice U Brown on it too and BOOOOM!  Experience the energy of two legendary rub a dub artists, one original deejay and our Scandinavian hero, working together on this reggae unity anthem renamed: “Reggae Music Worldwide (Tu Shung Peng)