Sugar Minott | Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 86

Reggae lover podcast episode 86 is about Lincoln Barrington Minott, also known as dancehall music pioneer, Sugar Minott.

Sugar Minott Dancehall Hero

Sugar Minott, Dancehall Hero

In a live dancehall setting during the 1970s, it was common for artists to perform over pre-recorded instrumentals. Sugar Minott was the first artist to recreate that style inside the studio. He worked with Coxsone Dodd and sang new lyrics over the instrumentals of popular Studio One songs.

After leaving Studio One, Minott founded his own record label called the Black Roots. He also founded a sound system called Youth Man Promotions, and later a record label by the same name. His vision was to give young artists an outlet, and a chance to make their name in the music business.

Sugar Minott moved to England where he was achieving more success than he was in Jamaica. The lover’s rock craze started in the UK and Sugar was one of the major players in that movement. While in England he discovered the group Musical Youth.

Back in Jamaica, he’s also credited with discovering many young talents. He gave unknown artists the chance to perform live in the Dancehall and record for the first time. It was Sugar Minott who actually recorded Garnet Silk‘s first song. Other artists associated with the Black Roots and Youthman Promotion movements include Barrington Levy, Little John, Nitty Gritty, Tenor Saw, Junior Reid, Jah Stitch, Ranking Dread and Ranking Joe.

Sugar was a very Dynamic, versatile artist with successful records in different styles. Lovers rock, Roots, covers, dancehall style, and original written material. Sugar Minott recorded for his own record labels, and he worked with other top labels and producers. Working with Mikey Dread, George Phang, Sly and Robbie Jammys, Channel One and with the Bullwackies label out of New York City. Sugar Minott recorded over 60 albums and countless singles.

He passed away in 2010 to heart disease. To see him on stage I was very impressed. Even in his old age, he was a very energetic performer, acting out scenes, jumping, prancing and dancing across the stage. All with his voice still sounding sweet like sugar. Very comfortable in a dancehall setting, he would ask the band or the selector to play some Studio One, and he could sing for hours – entertaining and thrilling the crowd.

I salute the great Sugar Minott. His legacy lives on with his daughter Pashon Minott who is a bonafide recording artist in her own rights. If you enjoy this mix I hope you will add some of the songs to your music collection.

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Music video by Gully Bop X Stylo-G performing Who She Want

Music video by Gully Bop and Stylo-G performing “Who She Want”


The latest video from Gully Bop is now available across the globe. “Who She Want” is the title and it is a merged effort with top-flight U.K. star, Stylo-G. The project is already receiving rave reviews. Upbeat, entertaining and layered with amusing lyrics, “Who She Want” has gained acceptance on mainstream radio such as BBC and Capital XTRA. It is in high rotation on both sides of the Atlantic with HOT 97 now in the mix. The single has climbed to the top of the iTunes chart in the UK and other territories, such as Bermuda where Gully Bop has six songs on their top 20 chart.

“This video is high quality and me happy for the response me a get. Big up to Stylo-G and him team for working close with my team to get it done. The World already see me in rags and rough life, so this video show a different side. Expensive car and money a flash, like a dream; it a show prosperity, from the gully to the money is the theme. We a motivate youths to start work for what them want and get it in a life,” Gully Bop shared.

The long-time aspiring artiste, who recently became a frequent flyer with a long list of tour dates, commenced his first offshore performance in March. Since then, he has been taking his concert to supporters at sold-out venues in the United Kingdom, Grenada, Guyana, The Cayman Islands, Barbados and additionally St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For a complete list of upcoming shows use for tracking.

UB40 Love Songs Tour and Labour of Love IV


Like Bob Marley before them and Matisyahu today, UB40 has the rare distinction of a reggae band that attracts fans beyond those who already love dub, reggae, or dancehall music. With 54 UK hit singles and over 70 million albums sold, they are truly kings of modern reggae.

UB40 is heading to the United States with its 2009 Labour of Love Tour, before returning to Europe and the UK later in the year. UB40’s US tour begins on April 10 in Snoqualmie, Washington, and runs until May 8 in Glenside, Pennsylvania, including live reggae shows in 18 cities. Most of the tour venues are on the US West Coast, including shows on April 13 in Portland, Oregon, and on April 21 in Solana Beach, California. The tour will also take UB40 up to Canada for a show on April 11 in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

UB40 is also booked to headline South Florida’s SunFest, to be held April 29 to May 3 in downtown West Palm Beach. Other bands in the lineup include Slightly Stoopid, 311, The Steve Miller Band, and others.

The penultimate US tour date will be a May 7 show in Times Square, New York City.

They are also performing at the Epsom Downs Racecourse on Thursday 30th July, as the grand finale of the 2009 Epsom Live! series of events, which feature a live outdoor concert after the last race.

Nick Blofeld, the Epsom Downs Racecourse’s Managing Director, praised their 2006 show at the same venue: “The atmosphere was fantastic with young and old enjoying UB40 perform their classic hits as the sun set across The Downs after watching some thrilling racing around the unique Derby course.”

UB40 is particularly popular in the UK, with their most recent release, Love Songs, reaching #3 on the UK Album Charts. Love Songs is a 2009 issue of digitally remastered hits from the band’s past reggae albums. The 20 tracks on Love Songs are UB40’s favorite lovers sounds, including the hit singles I Got You Babe and (I Can’t Help) Falling In love With You. The album includes other UB40 favorites such as Please Don’t Make Me Cry, Homely Girl, Breakfast In Bed, and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight.

The full track list includes:

  1. (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You
  2. I Got You Babe
  3. Kiss And Say Goodbye
  4. You’re Always Pulling Me Down
  5. Don’t Break My Heart
  6. Please Don’t Make Me Cry
  7. I Love It When You Smile
  8. Homely Girl
  9. Where Did I Go Wrong
  10. Come Back Darling
  11. Impossible Love
  12. Dream A Lie
  13. Tears From My Eyes
  14. Breakfast In Bed
  15. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  16. Bring Me Your Cup
  17. I’ll Be There
  18. Gotta Tell Someone
  19. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
  20. I Would Do For You

UB40 formed in Britain’s West Midlands in 1978, eventually gaining global popularity as one of the world’s foremost reggae bands, delighting existing reggae fans and drawing new listeners to the genre with reggae hits such as (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You and Kingston Town. The original reggae band’s line up included Ali Campbell, his brother Robin Campbell, James (Jimmy) Brown, Norman Hassan, Earl Falconer, Brian Travers, Mickey Virtue, and Astro.

UB40 truly took off in the beginning of 1980, when the reggae band was invited to tour with The Pretenders. Drawing on their roots in Jamaican music, UB40 joined the Two Tone sound that had grown from Caribbean ska, rock steady and reggae and was then becoming popular in nearby Coventry. UB40 has released dozens of studio and live albums, their most famous song, 1988’s Red Red Wine, the original Labour of Love album, became a global hit, topping the Hot 100 chart.

UB40’s 8-member band lineup has remained active for over 30 years, drawing on their Irish, Scottish, English, Yemeni and Jamaican heritage for a truly global sound. Founder and former lead singer Ali Campbell left UB40 last year, and Mickey Virtue left UB40 shortly thereafter. Fortunately, they managed to finish the Twentyfourseven album just in time to keep the original line up. Ali and Mickey Virtue were replaced with Duncan Campbell and Tony Mullings. Other members of the UB40 lineup include drummer James Brown, guitarist/vocalist Robin Campbell, bassist/vocalist Earl Falconer, percussionist/vocalist Norman Hassan, saxophonist Brian Travers, and vocalist/trumpeter Astro.

Despite an earlier press release from the band, indicating that Ali Campbell was leaving to pursue a solo career, the lead singer released a statement indicating that he had “been deeply unhappy with administrative practices and with many decisions that have been made in recent years.” He did soften his tone with closing well-wishes, concluding: “I know UB40 will carry on successfully without me and I wish them all the best.”

UB40’s new lineup is currently working on the next studio album Labour of Love IV, scheduled to be released in October 2009. The band’s official website reports that it’s all “business as usual,” and that “despite rumors to the contrary,” the band is moving forward making new music; the Labour of Love IV album release will be followed by a UK/European arena tour in November and December 2009.


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Spotlight on Guyana


Well written by‘s Crisis Don, here’s a feature on my hometown, GT – the Republic of Guyana.

As most of you who follow Highlanda Sound System already know, we are a sound that treats our heritage with much respect and admiration.  We alone are not the ones who have a say in our destinies.  We believe that because of those that have passed before us, we are blessed with endless examples of excellence.  Therefore I will give you a synopsis, so to speak, of our country Guyana.

Guyana Flag

Guyana Flag

The word Guyana is of Amerindian descent, meaning “land of many waters”.  The country was termed this because of it’s many rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water.  The three main rivers in Guyana are the Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice Rivers.  Furthermore, the area is below sea level at high tide.  In order to fight off the Atlantic Ocean, sea walls and sluices are used to holt the great body of water.

Guyana is about 83,000 sq. miles which is roughly the size of the United Kingdom.  Speaking of which, Guyana (formerly British Guiana) is the only English-speaking country in South America.  The countries surrounding it are Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana).  The country is also considered the largest country in the West Indies (note that the rest of the countries in the West Indies are island states).

Guyana was first populated by the Amerindians which included of Caribs, Arawaks, Warraus, Wapisianas, Arecunas, Akawaios, Macusis, Patamonas, and Wai-wais.  Modern Guyana has six distinct ethnic groups that comprise it’s population: African (40%), East Indian (51%), Chinese, Portuguese, European, and Amerindian.  This diversity of ethnicity was caused by the vast history of the country.

Map of Guyana

Map of Guyana

When the Dutch were in control of the northern South America coastline, slaves were brought from West Africa to work on the cotton and sugar plantations.  In 1831 when the British became a major player in the colony race, the three colonies of Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice were united and named British Guiana. In 1834 slavery was abolished which led to the use of indentured servants.  Immigrants also came from Europe, China, and India, causing the ethnic landscape we see today in the country.

British Guiana gained independence on May 26, 1966, which led to the country’s title of Guyana.  Guyana became a Republic within the British Commonwealth on February 23, 1970, the full name then became The Cooperative Republic of Guyana.  Guyana’s  constitution also came about in 1980.

This is a very brief synopsis of the country of Guyana.  Highlanda Inc. is dedicated to spreading not only our music world-wide, but we also find it necessary to spread our culture.  Stay posted for more on this and other topics.

– Crisis Don