TORONTO’S Trailblazer award winning artist KAFINAL

Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, Kafinal has emerged as an entertainer and vocalist with diverse talents.


The singer/comedian/actor who is now based in Toronto, Canada credits his sometimes difficult upbringing with giving him his strong work ethic and sense of humour. The second of five children for his parents, he remembers how his mother worked hard to make ends meet. With that determination, he has decided to pay homage to her with his work.

Like many of the musical greats he started singing as a child in the church as well as in school and at community events. In 2001 while still living in Jamaica his professional musical timing had come and he released songs like “Cooking Dat Pwile” and “Drive By”.

Upon relocating to Canada, Kafinal began to make a name for himself on the Caribbean live show and performance circuits both as a singer and comedian.

The re-emergence of his first love, music, which Kafinal describes as “soul-filling”; presents him with an opportunity to entertain the best way he knows.

Influenced by all genres of music, he lists Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Beres Hammond among his musical influences.

For Kafinal the sky is indeed the limit as he plans to build on the exposure and fan-base he has garnered and take it to the highest level. He promises to continue to put out excellent music with the best production quality.

Lyrically he is definitely on his way as he has already released not only “catchy” but very relevant content. His latest project is titled “Road Tonight”, has been rocking the airwaves in Jamaica, Toronto, the Caribbean and North America.

Expect more from this talented brother of the Caribbean.

Nadine Sutherland Releases New Music for 2009

    nadineNadine Sutherland first captured the world’s imagination as a child, and her star has shown brightly ever since. An internationally recognized Artiste, and acclaimed songwriter, Nadine has been blessed with many talents, dancer, media personality, not to mention her many journalistic contributions throughout local print media, make her one of Jamaica’s most formidable talents. Throughout the years, she has continued to grow and blossom as an artiste; like fine wine, toned, beautiful, and sexy, she has grown from a little girl, into a phenomenal woman, all right in front of the public eye.
In 2009, Nadine decided she wanted to record new music, early January, she began writing and recording, working with some of the brightest new producers in the industry, but, still keeping the link with some of the more established producer’s she collaborated with in the past, Shane Brown , Lenky Marsden, Arif Cooper, and others have helped in creating exciting new songs that her fans have long been waiting for. “I am happy to be just working in the studio again, music is my life, no matter what else that I do, I am a singer/songwriter, who wants to perform, and just get my stuff out there”, she says. Her unique vocal styling has been compared to the likes of Whitney Houston, and Anita Baker, her range and tonal quality has been respected by music ears around the world. Nadine Sutherland is one of our best, and she carries herself and our flag with her usual humility and grace.

After garnering a new generation of fans with her work on “Rising Stars,” she recently took a short hiatus from the popular television show to perform in a series of concert dates across North America. Her singing and dancing had her fans excited by the sheer power of her stage magnetism. Nadine’s many years of hits, had her audiences singing word for word, her every move keeping them in her command.”Manchester Fiesta”, saw her exciting the local masses, one of the defining moment of that night, was her performance. She left them wanting more, and having one emcee marveling on her fitness. Fans are remarking on her new energy, her new drive, and loving her new look.

Her first single “Down on my knees,” produced by Arif Cooper, showcases her range, and her ability to capture raw emotions, and project her depth, and passion. The beautiful, haunting melody, of the music highlights Cooper’s usual musical flare, and the truth and experience Nadine conveys to her audience in the lyrics, proves that she is one of our most dynamic songwriters. Nadine brings a vulnerability, and sensitivity, to the lyrics that paint a picture all can relate to.

Nadine has already established her place in Reggae history, and with this new music you can expect that she will definitely continue to add to her rich legacy, establishing her own unique place in the musical history.
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